Adult Classes

Adult Classes are our way of equipping you to grow in the knowledge of Christ and the Christ-like life (Romans 12:2). They are also a great starting point for you to connect with the body of Christ. Most Adult Classes take place in the Adult Education Building on Fellowship’s campus.

Adult Classes will not meet May 12, 19, or 25. Our Summer Adult Classes Schedule will begin June 2 at 9:00 am. If you would like to know more about the Book Study Classes are offering, click here.

The Engagement Project (by Del Tackett)
Sunday 09:00 AM Sunday Class Teachers: Chris Dalton & Brad Wooden

The Engagement Project Part 1 (by Del Tackett)


From The Engagement Project guide: The Engagement Project’s ten tours will again take us on a marvelous quest of seeking the face of God. As He allows, we will seek to gaze upon the Crown Jewel in His nature–a quest we hope and pray will deeply transform the Body of Christ. This will lead us to understand where we are in God’s Meta-Narrative and the incredible vision He has granted to us as His representatives on earth. It will show us that He has entrusted the primary work of the Kingdom to the common, everyday Christian. It will not be an easy set of tours. However, if God should so bless, and if the Body of Christ will simply begin to do what He has asked us to do, we are convinced it will change everything.
It will change each of our lives, radically transform our families, and, by God’s grace, turn the world around us right side up.
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Is God Anti-Gay? (by Sam Allberry)
Sunday 09:00 AM Sunday Class FBC-Adult Ed Teacher: C.J. White

“Is God homophobic? How do we relate to both Christians and non-Christians who experience same-sex attraction?

Christians, the church and the Bible seem to be out of step with modern attitudes towards homosexuality and there is growing hostility towards those who hold a different view to the culture’s.

So is God homophobic? And how do we relate to both Christians and non-Christians who experience same-sex attraction?

In this short, simple book, Sam Allberry wants to help Christians understand what God has said about these questions in the scriptures. Drawing on his own experience, he offers a positive and liberating way forward through the debate.”

Join us as we study this book by Sam Allberry. 

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Freedom of Self-forgetfulness (by Tim keller)
Sunday 09:00 AM Sunday Class FBC ADULT ED Teachers: Matthew & Rebecca Simcox

“What are the marks of a supernaturally changed heart?

This is one of the questions the Apostle Paul addresses as he writes to the church in Corinth. He’s not after some superficial outward tinkering, but instead a deep rooted, life altering change that takes place on the inside. In an age where pleasing people, puffing up your ego and building your résumé are seen as the methods to ‘make it’, the Apostle Paul calls us to find true rest in blessed self forgetfulness.”

Join us as we study this book by Tim Keller together. 

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Who Am I? (by Jerry Bridges)
Sunday 09:00 AM Sunday Class FBC-Adult Ed Teachers: John & Kathy Livingston

“The profound, glorious, liberating realities of the Christian’s union with Christ.

Perhaps the most fundamental question of human existence is: “Who am I?” To answer that question, best-selling author Jerry Bridges turns to Scripture to unpack for the Christian eight clear, interlocking, illuminating answers:

    • I Am a Creature
    • I Am in Christ
    • I Am Justified
    • I Am an Adopted Son of God
    • I Am a New Creation
    • I Am a Saint
    • I Am a Servant of Jesus Christ
    • I Am Not Yet Perfect

    A direct, simple, honest presentation of biblical truth, 
    Who Am I? demonstrates for believers in Christ that they can and should rightfully claim for themselves an unshakeable, lifelong, personal foundation of confidence in one thing and one thing alone: the gospel of a victorious, resurrected Savior.”

    Join us as we study this book by Jerry Bridges together. 

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    Sunday 09:00 AM Sunday Class  FBC-Adult Ed-114

    Leaders: Hanwan Jiang & Jason Liu

    A bi-lingual Bible Study for those whose primary language is Chinese. Study materials and Bibles are provided in Chinese, and the class and discussion is led by a Chinese speaking teacher.

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    Sunday 09:00 AM Sunday Class FBC-Adult Ed-119

    Leader: Valerie Wilson
    Adult Class for women of any age.

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    Bible Study Methods
    Sunday 09:00 AM Sunday Class FBC-Adult Ed-120

    Leaders: Kraig & Loren Warnemuende
    A class for all ages focused on equipping you for personal and corporate Bible Study while studying the Bible.

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