Romans: Live by Faith

Sermon #29 | All We Need is Love                         
Romans 13:8-14| Todd Malone | September 20, 2020 

Paul continues to describe what it looks like to be transformed by God. In the final verses of chapter 13, Paul shows that a transformed person is obligated to love every person God brings into their lives.   


The Passage


  1. A Debt of Love [13:8]







  1. Because it is the Righteous Life [13:8-10]







  1. Because it is the Urgent Life [13:10-14]







Christian Love




The Principle: You cannot separate love from righteousness.


Implication: The pursuit of righteousness starts with love.




The Point: Look for ways to pay your obligation to love others.









  • Study: I will rewrite Romans 13:8-14 in my own words.
  • Practice: I will identify five people I can pursue for greater unity.
  • Practice: I will identify how to pursue the good of these five people.
  • Pray: I will pray each day this week that God will deepen my love for these five people.  

Conversation Starters

  • Why should the coming of Christ motivate us to love others?
  • Why is sinning not loving another?
  • How do you think our culture defines love? How is the definition different from a biblical understanding of love?


Next Week’s Passage: Romans 14:1-12