Joshua: The Lord is Salvation

Sermon #7: The Second Battle of Ai​  

Joshua 8:1-29 | Slade Rinehart | May 23, 2021


1. The Lord speaks to Joshua. [1-2]















2. Israel prepares to attack Ai again. [3-13]











3. Israel destroys Ai. [14-29]












The Point: In Christ, our sin is removed, we are brought into God’s favor, and he works through us to live out Christ’s victory.













Thank the Lord Jesus for securing the favor of God for you.
Memorize 1 John 5:4.
Tell someone what you learned from this passage.


For Reflection and Discussion

God worked through ordinary ways to bring Israel victory over Ai. Think about ordinary ways that God shows his favor in your life.
If, as believers, we live in God’s favor, why do we experience his discipline (Heb. 12)? 
Joshua made a stone monument to commemorate the destruction of Ai. Why is it important to remember specific victories that God gives us?