Joshua: The Lord is Salvation

Sermon #4: Obedience & Remembrance

Joshua 5:1-12 | Slade Rinehart | May 2, 2021



1.  Israel’s enemies are terrified by God’s power. [1]








2.  God commands the circumcision of Israel. [2-9]








3.  Israel observes the Passover. [10]







4.  God provides food from the Promised Land. [11-12]







  1. The Point: The highest priority of the people of God is the worship of God.












    • Worship the Lord for removing your shame.
    • Memorize Philippians 3:3.
    • Think of a brother or sister in Christ that doesn’t value corporate worship and pray for them to desire to worship with the body of Christ.



    For Reflection and Discussion

    • What does Joshua 5:1 tell us about the historicity of God’s miraculous pause of the Jordan River?
    • Read Acts 15. Why was the early church able to confidently say that circumcision wasn’t necessary to become part of God’s people?
    • God provided manna for Israel throughout the lives of the rebellious generation (the ones who perished before they entered the Promised Land). What does that tell you about God that he provided for so many people that refused to honor him? How does that apply to your interactions with others (especially difficult people)