Joshua: The Lord is Salvation

  2. Sermon #1: The Promise & the Presence
    Joshua 1:1-18 | Slade Rinehart | April 11, 2021

1.  God commissions Joshua. [1-9]










2.  Joshua commands the people of Israel. [10-15]










3.  Israel responds to Joshua. [16-18]










The Point: The promise and presence of Christ empower us to pursue his will without fear.







  • Praise the Lord for his presence and promises.
  • Memorize Joshua 1:8-9.
  • Encourage a struggling believer with a promise from Scripture (e.g., Matthew 11:28-29, Romans 8:26-27, 1 Peter 5:7).


For Reflection and Discussion

  • What are some fears or anxieties that you have right now? What truth about the Lord addresses those? For instance, fear of what will happen in the future can be fought by focusing on God’s sovereign control over the universe.
  • What are some spiritual successes that the Lord has given you? (Breaking a sinful habit, growing in your trust in Christ, leading someone to know Christ, etc.)
  • Why is it important to meditate on God’s Word?