Joshua: The Lord is Salvation

Sermon #3: God’s Power-Our Weakness

Joshua 3:1-17 | Darrell Ash | 04-25-2021



We are in a series in the book of Joshua called the Lord is Salvation. Two weeks ago, we saw that the Lord commissioned Joshua by commanding him to be strong and courageous.

We learned that the promise and power of Christ empowers us to pursue his will without fear.In Joshua 2, we see how God paved the way for the spies, the nation of Israel, and provided safety for Rahab’s family.

Today we come to Chapter 3 where we will observe God at work to remove obstacles and build faith in the hearts of the people of Israel.

1.  Joshua instructs the people of Israel [1-6]




2.  The Lord strengthens Israel and exalts Joshua








3.  God’s power is displayed through our weakness






  1. The Point: You don’t have to fear failure—God will carry you through to the end and he will always be with you.You don’t have to fear loss—God will provide for you and he will always be with you.



    • I will praise the Lord for rescuing me
    • I will memorize Joshua 3:14-17
    • I will share with a friend, co-worker, or family member how God rescued me. I will give God praise in my story.



    Next Week’s Passage: Joshua 5:1-12