The Road to Easter

  2. Sermon #3: The Road to Truth

  3. John 18:33-38 | C. J. White | March 28, 2021

    1. What is truth?








      1. How does Jesus bear witness to the truth?













      1. Who is of the truth?







      The Point: Since Jesus reveals truth, we must listen to His voice.






      • I will memorize and meditate on John 14:6.
      • I will pray and ask the Lord to reveal to me where I allow other sources than Christ to dictate truth to me.
      • I will set aside a set amount of time daily/weekly to have solitude in order to listen to Jesus.
      • I will pursue one way I can bear witness to the truth in Christ this week.
      • As a community (small group), how do we listen to Christ? And how do we bear witness to the truth of Jesus?



      For Reflection and Discussion

      • What is truth to you? How do you determine what is true? Is it through the revelation of Jesus Christ as the true Son of God?
      • Am I actively listening to Jesus? In what ways do I make listening to Christ a priority?
      • What sources, individuals, or experiences am I allowing to dictate truth to me?
      • Am I of the truth? Would those around me say that bear witness to the truth in Jesus?
      • Spend time in John 18:28-19:16. What was Jesus revealing to Pilate? How did Pilate respond? And what does that reveal is in man apart from Christ?