A God-sworn Promise

Hebrews 6:13-20 | Slade Rinehart

December 27, 2020


Hard times can weaken our faith in Christ. Doubts about his faithfulness creep into our souls and tempt us to drift away from him. Today’s passage gives us powerful reasons to hold fast to our hope in Christ.



1. God kept his promise to Abraham [13-15]














2. God swore to keep his promise to us [16-18]











3. Hope founded on God’s promise is an anchor for our souls [19-20]













The Point: Hold on to Jesus because God’s promise is certain!






· I will praise God that I can trust in his promise.

· I will ask for strength to persevere in my trials.

· I will encourage a struggling believer with the certainty of God’s promise.


Conversation Starters


· When you experience a trial, where are you tempted to put your hope? How do you fight to focus your hope on Christ?

· Think about a hard time that the Lord brought you through in the past. What did the Lord use (his Word, his people, etc.) to help you hold on to him?

· Why did God make Jesus a high priest “after the order of Melchizedek” instead of the order of Levi?