Advent 2020


 Sermon #3 | Joy |John 15:9-17

Todd Malone | December 13, 2020


Week three of Advent focuses on Joy. In John 15, Jesus tells His disciples how they can experience His joy, which is complete joy.



1. Recognizing Joy when You See It









      2. Finding the Joy You Desire








        3. Living in the Joy Jesus Offers








          Principle: Joy lives at the intersection of love and obedience.

          The Point: Jesus offers the disciples joy that comes from remaining in Jesus’ love through obedience.


          Implication for Today: Be prepared to show sacrificial love this Christmas.












          • I will memorize John 15:10-11.
          • I will spend a day being second.
          • I will use social media to share three ways I have experienced God’s love this week.
          • I will lead my family in an act of sacrificial love.










          Conversation Starters


          • How can joy be independent from our circumstances?
          • How does the world define joy?
          • What does the world think will bring us joy?













          Next Week’s Passage: Matthew 1:18-25