Advent 2020

Sermon #2 | Peace                                                          John 14:25-31 | Todd Malone | December 6, 2020


This Sunday is week two of Advent. Traditionally, the second week of Advent focuses on Peace, which is possible only because of Jesus. We will look at Jesus’ promise of peace for His followers.


  1. The Peace Gap




  1. The Gift of Peace




  1. Receiving Peace




Principle: Peace is found only in the life of the Spirit.

The Point: The Peace of Christ is found in the Spirit.

Implication for Today: Focus on the Holy Spirit’s work in you this Christmas season.




  • I will memorize John 15:27.
  • I will do a devotional this Advent season.
  • I will journal 10 ways I see the Holy Spirit at work in me this Christmas season.
  • I will have an hour of silence this Christmas season.

Conversation Starters

  • Where does our world believe we will find peace?
  • How does the world’s thinking creep into the church?
  • How does that way of thinking creep into Christmas?



Next Week’s Passage: John 15:9-17