Live by Faith

Sermon #36 | Gospel Erosion
Romans 16:17-27 | Todd Malone | November 8, 2020


Paul concludes the book of Romans with a final
exhortation: maintain the integrity of the gospel.
Forces will enter the church that will erode the gospel
that Paul taught in the book. The church must be alert
to this erosion and cling to the gospel.


The Passage’s Point: Paul exhorts the Romans to cling to the gospel.


  1. Cling to the True Gospel [16:17-20]




Questions: What do you believe is…

1. Your life without God?

2. The purpose of the gospel?

3. What makes and keeps you right with God?

4. The good life?

5. Your source of safety and purpose?


  1. Greetings from a Gospel Community [16:21-23]




  1. Praise to the God of the Gospel [16:25-27]




The Principle: Guard against gospel erosion.

The Passage’s Point: Paul exhorts the Romans to cling to the gospel.



Implication for Today: Do not allow politics to erode the gospel.












  • Study: I will rewrite Romans 16:17-27 in my own words.
  • Repent: I will confess and repent of ways I have been wise to evil.
  • Believe: I will examine where my beliefs show signs of gospel erosion.
  • Follow: I will resist gospel erosion by rereading Romans 5-8 this week.










Conversation Starters


  • How have you seen gospel erosion in a church?
  • How does the promise of victory over Satan help you today?
  • What does it mean that God strengthens us according to the gospel? How has He done that in your life?










Next Week’s Passage: Romans 1:16-17; 6:1-14