Live by Faith

Sermon #37 | Romans Review 1 Romans 1 – 11 
Todd Malone | November 15, 2020


It is important to return to the big picture of Romans.
There is an overall message that Paul means to
communicate in chapters 1-11, which sets up the
theme he will communicate in chapters 12-16. This
morning we will put together the theme of chapters 1-


The Theme of Romans 1 – 11: Our relationship with God (righteousness) is a gift from God.


  1. The Need for God’s Gift of Righteousness: Everyone starts as helplessly unrighteous. [1:18 – 3:20]





  1. What God’s Gift of Righteousness is: Right standing with God through the cross. [3:21 – 5:21]





  1. How God’s Gift of Righteousness Affects us: Frees us from sin to be unbreakably united to God. [6:1 – 8:39]





  1. Why God’s Gift of Righteousness was Rejected: Disobedient hearts refused to believe that righteousness is a gift. [9:1 – 11:36]





The Principle: Give up the lies of “good enough.”

The Theme of Romans 1-11: Our relationship with God is based solely on God’s grace.



Implication for Today: Recognize how “good enough” thinking has damaged you in 2020.












  • Study: I will memorize Romans 6:5-6.
  • Repent: I will identify and confess one sin that is more important to me than following Jesus.
  • Believe: I will identify where I need to replace “good enough” thinking with gospel thinking.
  • Follow: I will schedule time each day to pray for a deeper conviction of my unity with Christ.



Conversation Starters


  • What is the gospel’s role in life besides getting into heaven?
  • What are some ways our culture contradicts the gospel?
  • What “good enough” lies are you most likely to believe







Next Week’s Passage: Romans 12-16