Live by Faith

Sermon #35 |  Crossing Bridges
Romans 16:1-16| Todd Malone| November 1, 2020



Paul continues his conclusion to the book of Romans by greeting people he knows or has heard of.  This was a standard part of a letter in Paul’s day. But this section of greeting should not be overlooked. It reveals important details of what God is doing in the church.

The Passage’s Point: Paul greets a church that challenges society through its unity.


1. Crossing Bridges in Membership






2. Crossing Bridges in Responsibility





3. The Church’s Disruptive Unity






The Principle: Build disruptive unity.

The Passage’s Point: Paul greets a church that challenges societ through its unity. 


Implication for Today: Challenge and confront our culture through our unity this election. 











· Study: I will rewrite Romans 16:1-16 in my own words.

· Repent: I will confess and repent of ways I make others feel unwelcome. 

· Believe: I will trust that God can use my efforts at unity to confront and challenge our culture. 

· Follow: I will respond to the social media posts that disagree with me with effots toward unity. 










Conversation Starters

· Who would feel out of place or unwelcome at FBC? 

· What are ways that Christians try to challenge and confront our culture?

· How could Christian unity challenge and confront our culture? 









Next Week’s Passage: Romans 16:17-27