Live by Faith

Sermon #31 | The Wrongs of Rights                              Romans 14:12-23 | Todd Malone | October 4, 2020


Romans 14:1-12 encourages us not to allow disputable issues to create disunity. The Apostle Paul follows that up by challenging the Roman readers to put the spiritual welfare of others ahead of their own preferences.  



The Passage’s Point: The Romans must put the spiritual welfare of others ahead of their own freedoms by…


  1. Protecting the faith of others. [14:13-15]






  1. Focusing on the Spirit’s work. [14:16-18]






  1. Pursuing a stronger faith. [14:19-23]






The Principle: Love trumps Freedom.



The Passage’s Point: Put the spiritual welfare of others ahead of your own personal freedoms.




Implication for Today: We must attack the idolatry of rights and freedoms that has caused so much damage in 2020.











  • Study: I will rewrite Romans 14:13-23 in my own words.
  • Repent: I will acknowledge where I have allowed my freedom to harm others.
  • Believe: I will pray for the confidence that I am not diminished when I give up a freedom for another person’s welfare.  
  • Follow: I will give up one freedom this week for the sake of another.









Conversation Starters


  • How have you seen freedom harm others spiritually?
  • Why is it difficult to give up a freedom for the sake of love?
  • What examples have you seen of someone giving up a freedom out of concern for the spiritual welfare of another?









Next Week’s Passage: Romans 15:1-13