Live by Faith

Sermon #34 |  Gospel Partnerships
Romans 15:22-33| Todd Malone| October 25, 2020



Romans 15:22-33 is part of the conclusion to the book of Romans. Paul turns his attention to his future plans and how his plans involve the Christians in Rome. More importantly, he will use his future plans to reinforce the nature of unity in the Body of Christ.

The Passage’s Point: The Romans have an obligation to the global church.


1. Paul plans to give and receive support. [15:22-29]






2. Paul prays for the results. [15:30-33]





Paul’s Planning





3. Unity Between Churches






The Principle: We must reveal the God of peace in our relationships with other churches.

The Passage’s Point: The Romans have an obligation to the global church.


Implication for Today: Treat other churches as partners in ministry, not competitors for people.












· Study: I will rewrite Romans 15:22-33 in my own words.

· Repent: I will confess and repent of self-focus in my relationships with Christians outside my church.

· Believe: I will trust that being in relationship with God can bring peace into my relationships.

· Follow: I will increase my financial support to one missionary by the end of the year.










Conversation Starters


· Who is the Jerusalem church in your life? (those who have been a blessing and are in need)

· Who is the Spain in your life? (those who need to hear the gospel for the first time)

· Who are the Romans in your life? (believers who need encouragement to live according to the gospel)









Next Week’s Passage: Romans 16:1-16