Live by Faith

Sermon #33 |  Gospel Ministry                     
Romans 15:14-21 | Slade Rinehart | October 18, 2020



Romans: 15:14-21
As we enter the final section of Romans, the subject matter turns personal. In today’s passage, Paul writes about his ministry, which gives us a view of the work of the triune God.

1. Gospel ministry is initiated by the Father.










2. Gospel ministry is centered on the Son.










3. Gospel ministry is enabled by the Spirit.








The Point: The triune God works through us to rescue and transform others.












  • I will rewrite Romans 15:14-21 in my own words.
  • I will praise God for working through me.
  • I will ask the Lord for a gospel opportunity this week.


Conversation Starters


  • What can the church do to keep its ministry focused on Jesus?
  • How has God used you to rescue or transform someone else?
  • Do you consider yourself “able to instruct” other believers (v. 15)? If not, what step could you take to grow in spiritual maturity?


Next Week’s Passage: Romans 15:22-33