2nd Peter: Grace and Knowledge

Sermon #1 | The Pursuit of Christ                      2 Peter 1:1-15 | Slade Rinehart | January 3, 2021


2 Peter was written by the apostle to encourage believers toward mature knowledge of Christ and Christlike living. In this opening section of the epistle, he exhorts us to pursue Christ because of the grace we’ve been given.

1.God has given us everything. [1-4]














2.We should diligently pursue Christ. [5-11]











3. We need to be reminded to pursue Christ. [12-15]













The Point: God saved you and is working to make you like Jesus, so work to be like Jesus.





  • I will thank the Lord for empowering me to live for his glory.
  • I will work to grow in one of these Christlike qualities with the Lord’s help.
  • I will look for an opportunity to tell someone what God has done for me.


Conversation Starters

  • List some of God’s “precious and very great promises.” Is there a promise that helps you with a situation you’re currently facing?
  • Which of these seven qualities that Peter lists are hardest for you to practice?
  • What truths about the Lord do you tend to forget when you’re in a crisis? What truths do you tend to forget when you’re comfortable?