2nd Peter: Grace and Knowledge

Sermon #3 | Waterless Springs                2 Peter 2:1-22 | Slade Rinehart | January 17, 2021



Today’s passage is an urgent warning from the apostle
Peter: False teachers will rise from within the church! He tells us about the errors and conduct of these false
teachers, as well as their ultimate fate.


1. False teachers are among us. [1-3] 










2. God will destroy false teachers and rescue the godly. [4-10] 










3. False teachers are ungodly and deceptive. [10-19] 

4. False teachers will have a greater punishment. [20-22] 









5. God has provided safeguards to protect his people from false teachers. 









The Point: Beware of false teachers: they lead you away from Christ! 




Conversation Starters 


  • What false teachings are prevalent in the church today? 
  • Why do you think Peter talked so much about the ungodly character of these false teachers? 
  • Does it make you uneasy to think that false teachers could be part of our congregation? What could be done to guard against such people rising to positions of influence? 


Next Week’s Passage: 2 Peter 3:113