Beginning September 1, 2022, our Prayer Focus Team is launching daily prayer prompts at FBC!

Each day at 9:03 a.m. beginning September 1, you will receive a notification which will tell you who or what to pray for that day. If you would like to participate, download the Fellowship App and make sure you turn on “Notifications”. The prompts will also be available for printing a month below.

September 1 Sam Shaw, Interim Lead Pastor
September 2 Wayne Allred, Chairman of the Elder Board
September 3 Slade Rinehart, Director of Grow and Connect Ministries
September 4 Sherry Tipton, Office Administrator
September 5 Curt Hinshaw, Deacon Chairman
September 6 Lead Pastor Search Committee
September 7 Youth Pastor Search Committee
September 8 Missions Committee
September 9 Nursery Ministry, Jean Ames; Director, Katie Livingston; Coordinator and Volunteers
September 10 Kid’s Ministry, Kim Auran; Director/Coordinator and Teachers
September 11 1-2-3 Church, Cheryl Fortier; Coordinator, 4-5-6 Church, Amanda Vasquez; Coordinator
September 12 Jr. High, Jaime Rinehart; Coordinator and Volunteers
September 13 Sr. High, Slade Rinehart; Interim Student Ministries Director and Volunteers
September 14 Young Adults, Chris and Jera Dalton; Coordinators
September 15 Adult Sunday Classes and Teachers
September 16 AWANA, Bret Freeman and Kim Frederick; Co-Commanders and Volunteers
September 17 Small Groups and Leaders
September 18 Encore and Leadership Team
September 19 Women’s Ministry
September 20 Sam Shaw, Interim Lead Pastor
September 21 Dirk Coleman, Elder
September 22 John Cronin, Worship Pastor
September 23 Mark Auran, Facilities Manager
September 24 Chuck Cox, Deacon
September 25 Lead Pastor Search Committee
September 26 Youth Pastor Search Committee
September 27 David and Karen Bradley, Missionaries with The Jesus Film (Campus Crusade) in Orlando, Fl.
September 28 Cristopher and Darlene C.; Missionaries; New Guinea
September 29 Kathy Silvertooth, Ministry Coordinator
September 30 Transition Team


Need Prayer?

We would love to pray for you! Please complete the card below or if you would like to leave a private request (only to be seen by Pastors and Elders) click here.




  • Would appreciate having people come to Tuesday noon prayer time in Welcome room FBC!