Our Prayer Focus Team is creating daily prayer prompts for FBC!

Each day at 9:03 a.m. you will receive a notification which will tell you who or what to pray for that day. If you would like to participate, download the Fellowship App and make sure you turn on “Notifications”. The prompts will also be available for printing a month below.

You may download these helps from Pastor Sam and the Prayer Team: How to Pray for an Hour and More Than God Bless.

November 1

Sam Shaw, Interim Lead Pastor

November 2

David Ramaly, Chairman of the Missions Committee

November 3

Encore and Leadership Team

November 4

Eric Livingston, Missionary with Missionary Tech Team

November 5

Friendsgiving at FBC

November 6

Lead Pastor Search Committee

November 7

Youth Pastor Search Committee

November 8

Joel Kreider, Missionary with TECH Team Advantage

November 9

Jr. High Ministry; Jaime Rinehart, Coordinator, and Volunteers

November 10

Sr. High Ministry; Jeff Treanor, Sr. High Youth Leader, and Volunteers

November 11

New Trustee Board for 2022-2023

November 12

Curt Hinshaw, Deacon Chairman

November 13

Congregational Meeting

November 14

John Cronin, Worship Pastor

November 15

Worship, Audio, and Video Team Ministry

November 16

James Carroll, Elder

November 17

Welcome Desk and Greeters Ministry

November 18

FBC Ladies Christmas Tea

November 19

Sam Shaw, Interim Lead Pastor

November 20

Small Groups and Leaders

November 21

Adult Sunday Classes and Teachers

November 22

Dan and Adina McCloy, Missionaries with Wycliffe

November 23

Young Adults Ministry; Chris and Jera Dalton, Coordinators

November 24

Give thanks to the Lord for His Goodness and Blessings

November 25

Lead Pastor Search Committee

November 26

Youth Pastor Search Committee

November 27

Jon and Jess, International Workers

November 28

Missions Committee

November 29

John Livingston, Deacon

November 30

Roger Weiting, Elder


December 1 Sam Shaw, Interim Lead Pastor
December 2 Elder and Deacon Boards for 2022-2023
December 3 Don Westbrook, Chairman of the Elder Board
December 4 Matthew Simcox and John Smyth, Deacons
December 5 Sherry Tipton, Office Administrator
December 6 Lead Pastor Search Committee
December 7 Student Ministries’ Director Search Committee
December 8 Mike and Julia Ann McCord, Wycliff
December 9 Nursery Ministry; Jean Ames, Director; Katie Livingston, Coordinator; Volunteers
December 10 Kraig Warnemuende and Rich McCracken, Elders
December 11 Slade Rinehart, Director of Grow and Connect Ministries
December 12 Dave and Cherie McDeavitt, Christar
December 13 Kids’ Ministry; Kim Auran, Director; Teachers
December 14 Jeff Treanor and Tom Ames, Deacons
December 15 College Students on Christmas Break
December 16 Mark Auran, Facilities Manager
December 17 Jingle and Mingle All-Church Christmas Activity
December 18 Christmas Brunch
December 19 Brent and Melanie Palmer, Missionary Aviation Fellowship
December 20 Sam Shaw, Interim Lead Pastor
December 21 Opportunities to Share the Gospel and God’s Word
December 22 Families Traveling for Christmas
December 23 Outreach Ministries to the Needy
December 24 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
December 25 Celebrating the Savior’s Birth
December 26 Lead Pastor Search Committee
December 27 Student Ministries’ Director Search Committee
December 28 Bill and Linda Parker, Avant
December 29 Dirk Coleman and Dave Ramaly, Elders
December 30 1-2-3 Church; Cheryl Fortier, Coordinator; 4-5-6 Church; Amanda Vasquez, Coordinator
December 31 New Year’s Eve All-Church Game Night


Need Prayer?

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  • Please, pray for Jason & Michele's salvation and for Jason, Michele, and Cale to return. Jason doesn’t believe God exists. Michele doesn’t think he needs to have a personal relationship. Cale is struggling in his faith. Please pray that they are saved/return so that they can follow God with Stacey, Tecla, and I. Thank you!
  • Would appreciate having people come to Tuesday noon prayer time in Welcome room FBC!