A note from Alex Stanton, Elder Chairman on behalf of the Board of Trustees:

I have an exciting announcement that affects everyone who calls FBC home!

On June 27, Slade Rinehart informed the congregation that our church board has been considering engaging an Interim Lead Pastor to guide us through the transition to our next permanent Lead Pastor.  I believe we need professional guidance because this transition came upon us unexpectedly and hit us very hard. Since the transition followed a year of adjustments to COVID, it hit us even harder than it would have in a more normal year. The Board does not want to saddle the next permanent Lead Pastor with working through the transition – which might or might not be an area of strength for him – if there is a way to work through the transition before he joins the staff.  

We have been in contact with an organization called Interim Pastor Ministries (IPM). As their name implies, their mission is to help churches transition from one pastor to the next. They have been doing this for over 30 years and have 170 Interim Pastors in their organization. All their pastors are highly experienced and have been trained by IPM to lead congregations through an intentional process of transition. By design, the pastors they supply serve only in an interim capacity and are not eligible for hire as permanent Pastors. You can visit their website here: https://interimpastors.com/  

IPM recommended that we work with Dr. Sam Shaw. His resume can be viewed here: Link to Resume. You can check out one of his sermons here: Link to Sermon.

Six members of FBC leadership interviewed Dr. Shaw recently. About ten of us checked his references. We have watched some of his sermons. And we have even asked some follow-up questions after the interview. So far, he seems like an excellent fit for us, and we are excited about the prospect of his ministry at FBC.

We are inviting Sam and his wife Ruthe to visit the week of July 25.  Here is the agenda for Sunday morning, July 25.

      • In the 9am hour, Sam will present a detailed explanation of the process developed by Interim Pastor Ministries to help a church in transition. There will be a brief time for Q & A after the presentation.
      • Then, in the 10:30 service, Sam will do an abbreviated explanation of the process and share a sermon.
      • After the service, we will have a Meet & Greet lunch and a Question & Answer time with Sam and his wife Ruthe.
        FBC will provide Hot Dogs, chips and drinks for everyone. We ask folks to bring their favorite dessert to share.  ​​​​​​​
        Please RSVP for the Sunday Lunch HERE

If you have some questions for Dr. Shaw, you may submit those in advance at this link: https://bit.ly/IPMQuestions. There will also be forms available at the Community Life Desk on Sunday morning after the 9 am presentation.
I know this is vacation and travel season, but please try to join us for as many of these events as you can. We want Sam to be exposed to as many of us as possible. And we want as many of us as possible to interact with Sam.

The purpose of this visit is for us to see if we want to work with Sam and for Sam to see if he wants to work with us. Your participation is very important to the process.

9:00 AM

Worship Center
Presentation given
by Sam Shaw

10:30 AM

Worship Center
Condensed presentation and sermon by Sam Shaw

11:45 AM

Meet & Greet Lunch and Q&A with Sam Shaw