from Pastor Todd Malone

Sermon Reflection

I read recently that every day the average American receives 3,500 attempts to influence what they value, their priorities, and what they think makes for a good life. These attempts at influence are called ads. This isn’t a statement about advertising (beyond confirming that there is a reason we are tired of seeing them). This is a statement about how much our culture influences what we think is good or bad, valuable or worthless, important or pointless. That’s one of the many reasons last Sunday’s sermon was so important. We need to constantly evaluate whether the messages we receive align with the truth of Jesus and Scripture. If we are not careful, we will subtly buy into an unbiblical way of thinking.

Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC

Many adults and youth will travel to Houston next week to participate in 8 Days of Hope. Please pray for safety and that they will grow closer to the Lord.

How to pray for our Community
Longview’s Task Force on Homeless will host a Homeless Resource Day on March 24. They hope to connect as many as 400 area homeless with jobs and other resources. I called and asked how we can help. They do not need support on the 24th, but they need supplies for “Homeless Outreach Bags” that they will give out that day. The Task Force is asking people to drop off their donations at the Public Library during library hours. Any library staff member can get the donation to the right place.

Here’s a link to the list of needs:

Spend time praying for the homeless in Longview. Pray that they find the material help they need. Pray for their spiritual condition. Pray if the Lord is calling you to get involved.

How to pray for our World
More about the 8 Days of Hope trip. Over 4000 people from 47 states are converging on Houston for this project. It is reportedly the single largest volunteer event in U.S. history. Pray for the organizers (which includes David Fisher). Pray also that the Lord will work through this effort to bring many people to Him.