Mid-Week Moment
January 31, 2018

Ministry Updates from Pastor Todd Malone

Ocean Reflection

I am sorry that you cannot see what I am seeing now. Ann and I are sitting in a room overlooking the ocean. The Oregon coast is stormy this time of year. Storms make for line after line of powerful waves extending as far as we can see up and down the beach. The white caps against the grey water and the cloudy sky are beautiful. The power and sound of the waves are majestic. Romans 1:20 declares that God’s invisible attributes, especially his eternal power and divine nature, are evident in creation. That is easy to see here. I need to pray for eyes to see God’s attributes in creation wherever I am, even Longview, TX. 

Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC 
One of the primary places that the world should see God’s character on display is in the local church. The world should look at how we relate to one another and see a drastic difference from relationships outside of the church. Pray that the relationships in FBC will give the world a picture of the character of God in action.

How to pray for our Community

The Buttrams and Oglesbees are FBC families who own the Oil Horse in downtown Longview. They are launching a monthly outreach starting on Feb 6. It’s called Theology on Tap and will bring together pastors from different churches to talk about some of life’s major questions. The goal is for people who will never walk into a church to explore their questions with people who will point them toward Jesus. Please pray that many non-Christians come and hear the gospel. 

How to pray for our World

It should bother us when we hear of people being treated badly. Every person reflects God’s image. The fact that we are fallen and do it poorly doesn’t change that fact. That is one of the main reasons that the stories of sexual harassment grieve me. I suspect it will turn out that not all of the stories are true, but undoubtedly most of them are. We should pray for justice: that the guilty would be found out, that the innocent would be cleared, and that victims will find healing. Ultimately, we pray that all involved will be driven to Jesus as the perfect source of justice and healing.