Mid Week Moment | 1/3/2018

Ministry Updates from Pastor Todd Malone


FBC’s theme for 2018 is Wholehearted Faith. We will take an exciting journey to help us know God better and love him more. We will read the Psalms together as a church, look at what the Bible says about God’s character, and learn how to love others because God loved us.


Sunday was a good lesson in prayer. Ann and I spent last Sunday with the Children’s Ministry. It was “Praise and Pajamas” Sunday, so Ann and I came dressed in our pjs and slippers (I promise to never wear my Siberian Husky slippers to church). At the end of the morning the kids divide up and pray with an adult. My group’s prayer requests included praying for a dad to do better on his diet. Someone else asked for success shooting something (turns out he is going hunting). God delights in prayers like this because they are honest. They reflect the honest and sincere belief that God is interested in every area of life. It was a good reminder.

The Children’s Ministry encourages parents to visit on Sunday morning. Take advantage of the opportunity to share that time with your children.


How to pray for FBC, our Community and our World

I believe that the better we know God, the more we fall in love with Him. The more we fall in love with Him, the more we want to live in light of that love and share that love with others. Let’s pray that we as a church will know God better, fall more in love with Him, and display that love in our community and around the world.