The Mid-Week Moment

Ministry Updates from Pastor Todd Malone

Sermon Reflection

We want to be known and we want to be loved. This is the love you and I have always wanted. We want someone to see all of the ugliness that we hide in fear and shame and still say, “I love you and I’m not going anywhere.” That is exactly the love we have through Jesus. But his love does more. He does not leave us in the ugliness. He declares us forgiven and then works on cleaning us up.

Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC

Thank you for your many prayers about FBC’s finances. It can be hard to know how to interpret the numbers you see in the bulletin, making it easy to miss how we should be thanking the Lord. We created the 2017 budget knowing that we would need to dip into our “savings” this year. It was unavoidable and it was part of the plan. Here’s what’s amazing: we have taken out about half as much from savings as we planned!

How to pray for our Community

I have volunteered for the Women’s Center of East Texas for more than ten years. This organization helps women and children who are the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The number of victims in East Texas is staggering – it is everywhere and it doesn’t fit any stereotypes. My mother was married to a prominent physician in Oregon – he repeatedly put her in the hospital, even breaking bones. At 11am this coming Monday (Oct 30), I will speak about domestic violence at a short ceremony in front of the Longview Courthouse. Please pray that it goes well (you are welcome to join us, if you like). More importantly, pray for the many woman and children in our community victimized by this sin.

How to pray for our World

I have been thinking about Puerto Rico. It is hard to see so many people continuing with unmet basic needs. Let’s pray for the believers there not to lose heart. Let’s also pray for ongoing opportunities to point people to the Lord.


FBC’s Youth Ministry invites you to a night of worship and prayer at The Loft (north end of The TreeHouse) on Nov. 1 from 6pm – 8pm. Come join us as we sing together to our Lord and call out to him in prayer!