Mid-Week Ministry Updates

from Pastor Todd Malone

Experiencing Jesus, Transforming Lives

For our Veterans
Thank you to South Ward Elementary for the Veteran’s Day posters. FBCer Linda Bailey, South Ward’s Librarian, arranged for FBC to receive the posters. I appreciate her thinking of us and our veterans.

Message PowerPoint — Some people have asked about getting a copy of Sunday’s PowerPoint slides. You can access them from the FBC mobile app.

Sermon Reflection

It’s not always easy for me to know the reason I am tempted by something or give in to a temptation. Sometimes it’s obvious. But other times I might feel an insecurity or concern over something that I am trying to address inappropriately. That is why I need to regularly ask the Holy Spirit to shape my heart. I need to love and desire the things that Jesus loves and desires. The more I do this, the less those insecurities and concerns will lead to sin.

Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC
Thanksgiving is approaching. Let’s pray for safe travels and good connections with friends and family.

How to pray for our Community 
Let’s continue to pray for our local economy. I saw that some local companies are expanding. Let’s pray that this continues and those who need jobs will find them.

How to pray for our World
A shocking number of people have been accused of sexual misconduct recently. I am praying for God’s character to be on display. That means that truth is revealed, justice and grace are enacted, and healing occurs. A widening circle of people are affected (spouses, children, employees when businesses are damaged, etc). I pray for their protection.