Mid-Week Moment

Ministry Updates from Pastor Todd Malone

Unexpected Blessings

Merrill, OR is a town of 850 people. It’s closest “big city” is my home town of Klamath Falls, with a population of about 20,000. The last thingyou would expect to find in Merrill is something interesting. But here I am, sitting in a rental car in Merrill, OR while Ann skips through one of the largest quilt shops she has ever seen. I pointed out that the shop has a downstairs. She answered, “I know; that will be hour two.” I lasted 7 minutes before I retreated to the car. “I have stuff to get done for Kathy.”

Sometimes unexpected blessings are big. Sometimes they are small, like discovering the Tater Patch Quilt Shop. The small unexpected blessings are flashes of God’s goodness in a fallen world. They are opportunities to thank God for his generosity with us. What unexpected blessings have you experienced this week?

Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC 
I heard that we had to cancel Youth Group last week because of the flu. Let’s pray for the health of the people in our church.

Also pray for our Missions Committee. They are in the final stages of preparing for World Outreach Weekend. Pray for wisdom, energy, and excellent participation from the church.

How to pray for our Community
Health is also a good way to pray for our community. Caring for those around us who are sick is a great way to show God’s love.

How to pray for our World
Missionaries from all over are making preparations to come to World Outreach Weekend. We hope their time here will be a blessing, but we recognize that the time off and the trip here represents an interruption to their work on the field. Pray for the ability to prepare for the trip here. Pray that their ministries will flourish while they are gone.