Mid-Week Ministry Updates

from Pastor Todd Malone

Sermon Reflections

Last Sunday’s passage in 1 John 3 encouraged me to pay attention to God’s work in me. There are signs that the Holy Spirit is transforming me into Christlikeness. These signs encourage me when I question my walk with the Lord. What signs do you see that the Holy Spirit is at work in you?


Prayer Promptspraying hands

How to pray for FBC 
World Outreach Weekend starts this Friday. Pray for final preparations. Pray that FBCers who have not met any of our missionaries would have that chance. Connecting with our missionaries can open your eyes to the amazing ways God is moving throughout the world.

How to pray for our Community
I have been dealing with a number of hurting families in the church. Let’s pray for comfort and healing in our families. 

How to pray for our World
The Florida shooting reminds us of the cost and pain of evil in our world. These tragedies grieve us, but they do not discourage us. God can turn even evil into an opportunity for good. We also take courage that a day will come when evil will no longer exist. Until then, we faithfully pray for comfort and peace for all those impacted by such events. Most importantly, we pray that they will come to know the Lord.