Mid-Week Ministry Updates

   from Pastor Todd Malone


South Ward Update

All of the South Ward trees in the lobby are lit. That means we have raised enough money to purchase gifts for every child at South Ward Elementary. But we are not going to stop. They have a project called “The Eagles’ Nest” that we want to support. The Eagles’ Nest will be an activity room to reward children. This is an important tool to provide much needed positive reinforcement to the students as they develop. I am excited that we can be a part of it.

Sermon Reflection 

We declare every Christmas that Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor promised in Isaiah. Wonderful Counselor has the idea that Jesus is sovereign, his plans and purposes are good and successful. But too often I prefer Jesus to be more of a consultant in my life. I want to make plans and ask Jesus to help me achieve them. I need to submit myself to the wise, amazing, and unpredictable Counselor and his plans.

Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC
December offerings are very important to FBC’s financial health. Please pray for the Lord’s blessing on our giving, the use of those gifts and all those who generously support our ministries.

How to pray for our Community and our World
What purposes does our Wonderful Counselor have for our community and world? We usually don’t know the details, but we always know the big picture. We touched on one of them during last Sunday’s sermon: He wants the character of God reflected into our community and around the world. We are called to play a part in this through our submission and obedience. Let’s pray that this Christmas season will be a time East Texas and our world see the character of God in powerful ways.