Sermon Reflection

Paul David Tripp wrote: “Imagine again – what would the world would be like if every person lived at peace with God? Peace with God would allow us to have peace within, not because we’re strong or wise or know what tomorrow holds, but because we have a perfect relationship with the One who rules it all. When that shalom [Hebrew word for “peace”] with God is shattered, the result is that our hearts cannot find inner peace.” It’s a perfect summary of Sunday’s message.


Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC

Pray for our planning for 2018. The staff is putting the final touches on the plans. Pray for wisdom.

How to pray for our Community and our World

It is appropriate to pray for peace for our community and world. Peace is a reflection of God’s character. It is also what happens when God’s character takes over a community. That community will thrive in ways it has not before. Perfect peace is not possible this side of heaven. However, we can pray that our world and community will get pictures of the future peace and be drawn to its only source.