Mid-Week Ministry Updates from Pastor Todd Malone


What an amazing time of fellowship at last Sunday’s BBQ! Thank you to everyone who contributed by leading games for kids, serving food, setting up, cleaning up, etc. The best part was watching people connect with one another and have fun together. And the food was amazing, as well. I look forward to more of these events in the near future.


Sermon Reflection

Jim’s message led us through Psalm 24. I loved his reminder from verse 5 that our righteousness comes from God. It is a gift. I have a tendency to think righteousness is up to my efforts. There are lots of problems with that thinking, starting with it’s impossible. Another problem is that I tend to take credit for things I shouldn’t take credit for. I don’t produce righteousness in my life or anyone else’s. That’s God work and he deserves all credit.


Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC

Psalm 24:6 speaks of those who seek God’s face. This is a way of talking about intimacy with God. It is a desire to know God and for God to know us. It is tempting to reduce the Christian life to a list of dos and don’ts. But, fundamentally, the Christian life is a life lived in intimacy with God – it is seeking God’s face. Pray that we as a church would seek to know God more intimately.

How to pray for our Community
As Jim pointed out, when Psalm 24 says, “life up your heads, O gates: And be lifted up, O ancient doors,” [7, 9] it is a picture of the city welcoming the presence of the Lord. What would that look like in Longview (or your town)? What would it look like for the whole community to celebrate God’s presence among them? It’s a great thing to pray for. Of course, movements like that start with our neighbors, friends, family and co-workers welcoming God’s presence into their hearts. Pray for an opportunity to get to know a neighbor better, to share God’s Word with a co-worker, etc. Let’s pray for the boldness and clarity to communicate the gospel in our sphere of relationships.

How to pray for our World
Psalm 24 begins with “the earth is the Lord’s.” The little bit that I have heard about Ruth King’s trip to Pakistan is a tangible reminder that God is at work everywhere – even places we think are impossible to reach. I am moved to pray for God to do amazing things in the difficult to reach places, like Pakistan. I am also praying for the Lord to watch over those who came to Christ during Ruth’s visit. May they come to know more intimately and become more like Jesus daily.