Ministry updates from Pastor Todd Malone

The Psalms

I am praying that reading the Psalms encourages deeper communion with the Lord. The Psalms are like listening in on both sides of a conversation at once. They are what was spoken to God, but they are also what God gave us. The Psalms are the Word of God and words to God. Many of the Psalms might seem harsh. We wonder if we can question God like the Psalmists. But these are God’s Words given to us to give back to Him. The Lord wants vulnerable intimacy with us.

I enjoy dividing my daily reading throughout the day. I read one or two Psalms in the morning and think about those. I do the same around lunch, dinner, and before bed. It’s been a great way to keep the Psalms in my mind all day.


Sermon Reflection

Loving the Lord with all of our heart, soul, and might is hard to grasp. That’s why it is tempting to focus solely on behavior. It’s a lot easier to check off what we did and didn’t do. That is a short step from reducing our walk with the Lord to checking the right boxes. Deuteronomy 6 reminds us that the Lord calls us to both love Him and obey Him. Obedience needs the right heart-context. One of the most powerful ways to deepen love for the Lord is to pay attention to how His character is at work in your life. How does He show His love, righteousness, grace, holiness, mercy, and justice to you? This is what experiencing Jesus is all about.

Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC

The Israel trip is coming soon. Please pray for final preparations for those going on the trip. Pray for Jim Johnson and Steve Vance as they prepare to lead. Pray that the trip helps those who go to know Jesus better.


How to pray for our Community

Psalm 11 was the first Psalm in today’s (Wednesday) reading. It is a call for the Lord to bring justice against the wicked and to protect the righteous. It is appropriate to pray this for our community. Pray that God’s justice is evident in East Texas. Pray that God will show us our role in bringing His justice.


How to pray for our World

I just read that President Trump has threatened to send missiles against Syria. Let’s pray that this is not necessary for justice to come to Syria. Pray that lives would be spared that they might come to know the Lord.