Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018


Micah 2:12-13 pictures the Lord as the Shepherd who provides and protects, and the King who leads. It is written to a group of people who will soon face tremendous distress. It’s amazing how often sorrow and joy go together. They come from seeing the world accurately. Sorrow is our response to the pain of living in a broken world. Joy comes from knowing that the deeper reality is the Shepherd and King who cares for us. Our well-being is in His hands. I am learning to think of joy and sorrow as companions, not a conflict. My joy does not depend on the absence of sorrow, but in knowing my Lord who works in and through my sorrow. A day will eventually come when there will only be joy left. Until then, I thank the Shepherd and King that He is always at work in my life.


How to pray for FBC 

I mentioned on Sunday that we have a number of people in the church facing crisis. The range of crises is huge: sudden loss of family member, the discovery of cancer, out-of-nowhere heart attack, job loss, and more. Please take time to pray that these folks will experience the Lord as Shepherd and King.

Pray also for the Youth Retreat this weekend. Slade and Jordan will be the featured speakers. Pray that the retreat launches the youth on a great path for the year.

 How to pray for our World

Let’s pray for wisdom for the decision about the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. We should pray for these nominations and the process every time they occur. In this case, the nomination is especially contentious and complex. I am praying that the truth comes out clearly. I am praying that the Lord leads those involved to place the right person in the position, whether that is Kavanaugh or someone else.