Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Mid-Week Musings from Lead Pastor Todd Malone

Would you consider either being a teacher or a teacher’s assistant? 

We need teachers and/or assistants in the Nursery, 3-year-olds class, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 6th grade classes during the 9:00am class time. The curriculum that we use, The Gospel Project, is easy to follow and teach. The same lesson is taught throughout the Tree House except on different grade levels.

Please pray that believers would rise up to teach God’s word to the next generation! Pray about how you can serve. We are happy to work with your availability and schedule.

To sign up, meet with Rebecca Simcox, our Kids Ministry Director, in the Foyer or send an email to her at rebeccas@longviewfbc.com.

Ruth Vance Memorial Service

I am overwhelmed by the blessings God gives me through the people He brings into my life. Ruth Vance was one of God’s greatest gifts in my life and the lives of many, many others.

I hope you can join us for a celebration of the blessing God gave us in Ruth. The memorial service will be in FBC’s sanctuary at 2:00pm on Saturday, September 26. The family has asked that we require masks, and we will honor their request. Please respect their wishes by wearing a mask to the service.

Sermon Reflection

One of the marks of a life transformed by the Lord is an attitude of submission toward government. I don’t like that sentence. I want to focus on the exceptions, and there are legitimate exceptions. But to make Romans 13:1-7 about the exceptions is to deny the clear teaching of Scripture in that passage. Romans does not teach me to submit when I agree, when I think government is right, when I think leaders are godly. It teaches me to submit, not justify my tendency for self-rule. I need God’s help to apply this passage and I will need it in the months ahead as we approach the election. 

Prayer Prompts

How to Pray for FBC

Keep praying for God to supply workers, especially in Kids Ministry. If the Lord does not supply the workers, we will need wisdom for how to restructure the ministry. Pray for wisdom. 


How to Pray for Our Community

It seems that every day I receive an update about another school with positive Covid tests. We need to keep praying for safety. But let’s also take time to thank God that this is not nearly as bad as it could be. God continues to protect us.


How to Pray for Our World

In light of last Sunday’s message, it is appropriate for us to pray for God to be glorified through our government.