Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018


What do I fear would happen if I lost your approval? My gut-level fear is that I could not bear the humiliation, that I would feel insignificant and worthless to a degree that would paralyze me. Or something like that. How do I know approval is an idol in my life? Because of how much fear it generates when threatened. It’s a silly, unrealistic fear. Intellectually I know my fears are not valid, but the initial, gut-level reaction is still there. What in your life, if threatened, produces that kind of fear? There is a good chance that however you answer that question is an idol in your life.


How to pray for FBC & the Community

A good percentage of FBC’s Children’s Ministry team will travel to North Carolina for a conference next week. Hurricane Florence is not supposed to create extensive problems where they are going, but let’s pray for the safety of our Children’s Ministry team and others attending this conference.

How to pray for our Community and our World

Another idol-test is probing what you think it means to be secure. Do we define security by circumstances or being in the Lord’s care? That question isn’t meant to downplay the importance of our circumstances – the devastation of Hurricane Florence or 9/11, which we commemorated this week, is real, painful, even life-changing. But in the midst of horrible loss, we can know that we are still secure because the Lord cares for us.

 I am praying for our nation and East Texas that 9/11 and Hurricane Florence will remind us that we cannot manage or problem-solve our way out of the pain of living in a broken world. I am praying that this week and next will drive people to the one who can take us through the brokenness of a fallen world.