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Sermon Reflection

What am I counting for security? What, if taken away from me or threatened, would cause me to worry about my future? I am thinking through those questions in light of Jim’s sermon on God’s generosity. I say that I believe God is generous, but do I trust that He is generous all the time? Do I trust that He wants me to have an abundant life? Too often I think an abundant life depends on bank accounts and acceptance from certain people. When I do, I miss the many ways God’s generosity overflows into my life.

Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC
The new school year is fast approaching. This means that our Children’s ministries are in high gear. Awana, pre-School, and our Sunday morning Children’s classes are still looking for volunteers. Please pray for the Lord to bring the right people to love on our kids.

How to pray for our Community
School starts soon for the rest of the community, as well. This week lets focus on the college-age. Pray for the new students who will move to the area and start school. Pray for returning students to get off to a good start. Pray for the FBC students who just graduated from high school and are starting a new phase of life. Pray for the many faculty and staff at the colleges who will minister to the students.

How to pray for our World
Staying on the college theme, let’s pray for the impact of Christian colleges and ministries around the world. These are vital ministries for discipling young men and women. However, these organizations face many challenges. Christian ministries at secular colleges often face restrictions on how they are run, where they can meet, etc. Christian colleges can face challenges in their funding, helping students pay for their education (which can affect how many students can enroll), and many others. Maybe you have a family member who is away at college. Take time and pray for the ministries that are reaching out to him or her.

SPEAKING OF 21:5 | Phase 1 Projects are due this Sunday!

Chalk Wall
Don’t forget about the Chalk Wall. It is in the hallway connecting the Sanctuary to the Adult Center. Sign your name under the projects you are participating in this year. It’s an encouragement to see who is involved.

SIGN UP HERE to participate in one or more of the projects.

Projects that you can participate in right now…

Ministry to Orphans
•    Camp Gilmont –  August 18 | All Day | Morning & Afternoon Shifts

This is a ministry to families involved with Buckner’s Orphan care.

  • Point person: Steve Vance: vancesteven@hotmail.com
  • Families & individuals are encouraged to participate with Buckner families during camp activities and meals.
  • May sign up for one or both shifts
  • A signed participation agreement will be necessary
  • You will need to provide your email address

•    Buckner Box: Toiletries – Bring full size toiletries for their clients. Bring your items to church on Sunday. There is a collection box in the Lobby. Items needed: Toothpaste, toothbrush, soap or body wash, shampoo, conditioner, razors, shaving cream, deodorant for men and women, dental floss, HE liquid laundry detergent

Legacy. Legacy is FBC’s ministry supporting orphan care and adoption.  We have collection boxes in the Lobby for…

  • Clothing drive for Boys and Girls clothing
  • Purchase new: Socks, Underwear, Pajamas (all sizes and both boy and girl)
  • New and Gently Used clothing of any kind for all kids, but especially infant to 12 months
  • Diapers (size 3-4-5) and wipes
  • Duffels, backpacks and totes (for the kids to carry their clothes)

Ministry to Those in Need
•    LIHN Towel Drive –
Longview Interfaith Hospitality Network ministers to homeless families in the area. FBC is heavily involved. LIHN needs 40 new, white towels. There is a collection box in the Lobby.

•    LIHN Training – FBC regularly hosts homeless families at the church for a week at a time. This requires a lot of volunteers. To volunteer, you need to go through a short training class. To make it easy, we will provide the class during Life Group hour. Actually, we will do this more than once, in case you can’t attend the first time. It will help the trainer know how many are coming. You can sign up HERE.

•    Beds of Hope Ministry – This ministry provides beds to needy children. They need new twin sheets and pillows. We have a collection spot in the Lobby. 

***NEW PROJECT! — South Ward School Supplies*** This project is DUE THIS COMING SUNDAY!
Let’s partner with South Ward families by purchasing needed school supplies for those who can’t afford them for their children. Having necessary supplies will help teachers and students have a successful year.
White and pink erasers, & pencil top erasers
Ticonderoga or U.S.A. Gold #2 pencils
Blue or black pens
24 count Crayola Crayons
12 Count Crayola Color pencils
Crayola Markers
Liquid school glue
Glue sticks
Supply box
Zipper pouch for supplies
Wide rule notebook paper
Wide rule composition books
Black/white 100 pg composition books
1 subject spiral notebooks
White copy paper
Vinyl pocket folders
Poly folders with pockets and brads—red, yellow, blue, green, purple
Folders with brads & pockets —red, yellow, blue, green, purple
Construction paper  8 1/2 x 11  & 9 x 18
Manila paper
Index cards
$3 binders
Hand sanitizer
Clorox wipes
Sandwich bags
Ziploc freezer bags/ gallon & quart
Ear budsBring your items soon! We will have these collection sites up in the Lobby through this coming Sunday, August 12. After that, we will replace them with new projects.