Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Mid-Week Musings from Lead Pastor Todd Malone


Todd Malone

“Invite and Assist” might end up as my new motto, at least for a while. Capturing the command to make disciples in those three words helps me a great deal. I am challenged to approach all my interactions with “invite and assist”. Inviting doesn’t necessarily mean asking someone to receive Jesus or come to church, although it could. When I remind a hurting friend of God’s love, I am inviting her to trust Him. When I encourage a friend struggling with sin that God is gracious, I am inviting him to come near to God instead of hiding in shame. Assisting is taking the next step. How can I help the hurting friend trust the Lord? How can I help the struggling friend approach God?

 I am praying more that God will show me in every interaction – with the clerk in the store, with a friend in the church, with a member of my family – how to invite and assist.


How to pray for FBC

Sunday’s share time was very powerful. God is at work in and through FBCers. It was amazing to hear how families, friendships, and loved ones were changed during the 40 Days of Prayer. Pray that FBC will continue to seek God in prayer. Pray that we will remain a church that knows it depends on the Lord.

How to pray for our Community and our World

I am excited about this Sunday’s special speaker. Tom Doyle will help us think through how to pray for and reach the Muslim community. I have had close relationships with a number of Muslims. Those relationships helped me see past some of my stereotypes. One friend considers himself a Muslim but is an atheist. He is a cultural Muslim who desperately needs the Lord.  I needed to stop viewing Muslims as an enemy and view them as the victims of the enemy – Satan. Pray for the Lord to open our hearts and minds to the spiritual needs of the Muslims in Longview and around the world. Pray for the Lord to give us a passion to reach them.



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