Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Mid-Week Musings from Lead Pastor Todd Malone

Celebration Sunday!

This Sunday wraps up our 40 Days of Prayer, and we are going to celebrate! The service will feature prayer, share times, and singing – all centered around Psalm 30. We will divide the share time into three sections. First, there will be a time to share how you have seen God work. The second share time will focus on how the Lord has grown us. Finally, we will share how we look forward to seeing God work in the days ahead. Start thinking now about how you would like to encourage others.

Some practical notes…

  • If you’re joining us online, we would love for you to participate! Please contact us with your comments, so we can share them Sunday morning. It will help us if you start ahead of time to identify how you want to share.
  • We will have microphones set up for those meeting at the church. Please walk up to and speak into the microphones so people online can hear as well. Also, be sure to wear a mask when you speak so we keep the microphone clean and Covid-free.

Questions to Answer

Please think about the following questions and email your responses to kathys@longviewfbc.com.  You don’t need to answer all of them. Even if you only respond to one, that will encourage the church body. We’ll compile them and I’ll read in the service on Sunday morning.  Of course, feel free to share in person on Sunday morning if you prefer to do so.

I have included prompts for each section to help you think through how you have seen God move in your life. 

1. How have you seen God work? How has God delivered you so far in 2020? (Psalm 30:1-5)

  • How has God
    • answered prayer?
    • turned weeping into joy?
    • restored you when you were discouraged?
  • How have you
    • experienced God’s favor?
    • experienced His holiness?

2. How has the Lord grown you during this time? (Psalm 30:6-7)

  • How has God
    • reminded you of your dependence on Him? 
    • deepened your trust in Him?
    • caused you to see things differently?
    • convicted you of sin? Self-reliance?
    • changed what you value?

3. How are you looking forward to seeing God work in the days ahead? Psalm 30:8-12)

  • How do you
    • still long to see God’s mercy?
    • want to grow in your trust in the Lord?
    • want to grow in your obedience to the Lord?
    • want to see the Lord intervene in your circumstances?
  • What ongoing hurts do you long to see the Lord heal?

Sermon Reflection

Paul opens Romans 12 with an appeal to be transformed into living acts of worship by allowing the Holy Spirit to renew how we think. We allow the Holy Spirit to renew our minds when we spend time in God’s Word, teach one another through His Word, spend time throughout the day in prayer, obey God, and meditate on how God is working in us. Do inventory this week: Are each of these a regular part of your life? If not, start building time into your week for what is missing.

Prayer Prompts


How to pray for FBC

Bret Freeman, our Awana Commander, shared last Sunday that Awana will occur online through the Fall. Pray for the logistics to work out. Pray that Awana children will engage with God’s Word as the format changes.

How to pray for our Community and our World

Part of a renewed mind is the desire for truth, even if the truth confronts us or challenges us. Our world has become truth-phobic. Many journalists would rather deliver marketing pieces for their favorite cause than write the truth, even if it hurts their cause. Too many churches tell people what they want to hear instead of giving them the truth they need to hear. I am sure we can come up with a long list of areas in society (politics, education, etc.) where we see people willfully deceive others for their own gain. I am going to pray for truth to make a comeback. I am going to pray for honesty and integrity to be valued, even if it is inconvenient.