Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Encore Leadership

Our senior adults are a vital part of FBC. Scripture is clear that those with more maturity must teach those with less. We cannot be a healthy church if we do not support and encourage our more mature believers to invest in the lives of those of us who come behind them. For this reason, it has been a top priority to the Elders to find someone quickly who could provide leadership to the Encore ministry. We are excited that Ken Fairweather will step into that role effective this summer. Pastor Jim provided excellent leadership to Encore as he stepped into Joe Coppinger’s position. We are excited that Ken will do the same as he steps into this key leadership position.

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Sermon Reflection

We cannot understand God’s wisdom if we do not understand God’s goal. If we think God’s goal is our comfort, we will question His wisdom every time we face a painful event. J.I. Packer writes: God’s “purpose was that we should love and honor him, praising him for the wonderfully ordered complexity and variety of his world, using it according to his will, and so enjoying both it and him.” I am foolish if I live as if my purpose is to honor myself and the world’s purpose is to serve me. I am not happy sitting at home while my ankle heals from surgery. I would rather be in the office working with our amazing staff, participating on Sunday mornings, and getting together with FBCers. But I can trust God to wisely use this event to help me better love and honor Him.

Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC 

Pray for the transition in Encore leadership. Pray for Ken, as he steps into the role, for the Encore leadership team as they work through the transition, and for Pastor Jim as he hands off the baton.

How to pray for our Community

One recurring theme in recent local news is concern over fires this time of year. I saw that Rusk and Harrison counties issued burn bans. Gregg county’s Fire Marshall is strongly discouraging outside fires. This seems like a good time to pray for the safety of the members of our area fire departments. Take a few minutes this week to pray for their safety, their effectiveness, and that this summer will have very few fires needing their response.  

How to pray for our World

This week we celebrate the Fourth of July and all of the freedoms it represents. Of course, we also remember that there are Christians all over the world who do not enjoy the freedom to worship. Let’s take time to thank the Lord for the freedoms He gave us. At the same time, pray for the boldness and endurance of those under persecution. The way I will do that is to pray, “Lord, even as I pray, there are some Christians who are being harassed or persecuted for following you. Please give them boldness and endurance. Let your character shine through them so that even their persecutors will come to know you.”