Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Mid-Week Musings from Lead Pastor Todd Malone


Todd Malone

This Sunday’s sermon challenged me as a preacher to stay focused on the gospel. It also challenges the congregation (after all, that was Paul’s audience more than the pastors). What do we anticipate when we walk into church? Do we anticipate encountering the power of God through the preaching of the gospel? I have grown accustomed to anticipating so many different things. It is easy to lose track. I am asking the Lord to give me an eagerness and excitement each Sunday as I am prepared to be reminded of God’s grace and provision.


How to pray for FBC

During the 40 Days of Prayer, we are praying for various ministries that help us connect with one another and grow in our knowledge and application of God’s Word. Take a moment now and pray that FBC is a place where we build life-changing relationships. Pray that we help people grow in their walk with the Lord.

How to pray for our Community

I am talking to a number of moms who are feeling the pending ending of summer. Stress levels are rising as they get children ready to return to school. Let’s pray over the next few weeks for those returning to school. This week, let’s pray for the families of returning students. Say a special prayer for those families sending a child off to college for the first time. I was reminded today that these parents are already in a grieving process.

How to pray for our World

I think it is good to pray for what is happening in politics, even if it involves a party you do not usually follow closely. The Democratic Party is conducting a series of debates to determine who will be their presidential candidate. Whether or not you are a Democrat, I suggest praying for God’s hand in the process. Pray that God is glorified. If you are more likely to follow events in the Democratic party, spend time praying for God to be glorified by what happens in the Republican party.

40 Days of Prayer

We will take time out of the service on August 25 to share how God has been at work during the 40 Days. Start thinking about how you would like to testify to God’s work during the 40 Days.

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