Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Mid-Week Musings from Lead Pastor Todd Malone

Mid-Week Moment

I am currently somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. Apparently, we recently passed Honolulu. By passed, I mean came within a few hundred miles, but it’s the only landmark I have to work with. Thank you for your prayers for our trip to the Philippines.



Todd Malone

It is tempting to look at FBC and think that there is nothing needed, that everything is covered, that we don’t need help anywhere. That is a misconception. FBC constantly needs volunteers for everything from the Nursery to facilities to administrative support. We need people who will pray with others. We need people who will read the Bible with others. Whatever your gift, there is a need.

Let us know how you would like to volunteer. Go to longviewfbc.info and fill out the Volunteer Interest Form, or email us and tell us how you might like to be involved!



How to pray for FBC

See the information in this email about the 40 Days of Prayer that will launch on July 14. Pray that this is a fruitful time for the church as we ask the Lord to help us make a greater impact on one another, our neighbors, our community, and the world.

How to pray for our Community

The fourth of July is almost here – amazing. It is appropriate to celebrate what God has done in our country and our community. Look around you this week at the ways God blessed you by planting you in Longview. Thank Him for what He is doing in your life through this community. Of course, you can do the same thing for the blessing of being placed in this country. That is especially appropriate on the fourth of July.

It might sound strange to thank God for things like being placed in this community in this country. But it is a part of seeing that God is present and working in every detail of life, including the facts of our lives we easily take for granted or write off as random chance.

How to pray for our World

Pray for the McDeavitts, who joined us on Sunday morning. They do the hard and patient work of bringing the gospel into a Muslim context. Please pray for opportunities to make the gospel clear. They are on furlough for four months. Pray that they will be refreshed and receive the additional support they need. 


40 Days of Prayer

40 DAYS OF PRAYER KICKOFF LUNCHEON | Sunday, July 14th | FBC | 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Come help us celebrate what’s happening in the church and pray with us about the direction of FBC! The deacons are hosting and providing a delicious spaghetti lunch. You are welcome to bring a dessert if you would like.

Childcare will be available after lunch for kids up to 3 years old. Children 4 years and older will be able to participate with you in the activities.

Please RSVP HERE to let us know how many people will be attending with you and if you will need childcare!


Text GIVE to FBC’s texting #: 903-290-1395 and tap on the link we send you. It’s easy and you can even set up recurring giving! If you have any trouble, just text your questions to that number, and we’ll help you figure it out.

You can also click on the Give to FBC button below to give.