Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018


Thank you for everyone who has sent cards, emails, texts, food, presents, coffee, and other gifts. I feel very cared for. The surgery involved removing half of my Achilles tendon (left foot), and requires that I remain off of it completely for a bit longer. Thank you for caring for me.

A special shout-out to Benjamin Sherman, one of the kids joining us in the service this summer. Benjamin paid attention when I mentioned in a sermon that I will be on a knee scooter for a while. I also noted that Kathy Silvertooth threatened to shoot me with her Nerf gun since I will be an easy target. Benjamin made a terrific shield for me to protect myself. –Pastor Todd

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Sermon Reflection

Adam observed that saying God is love is not controversial in our culture. No one gets upset when you say it. The problem is that no one stops to think about what it means. The world settles for a picture of God’s love that is too small. In our culture, God is love means something like God thinks nice thoughts about you, when He thinks of you at all. Our culture thinks that God thinks of people the way they do: generally good with an occasional bad day. Romans 5 and 8 show us a completely different depth of love. God loves me despite who I am and He will not stop loving me despite what I do. I’m not loved because of who I am but because of who God is. I am asking God to help me grasp that better this week.

Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC

FBC Youth will be at Reach Camp this week. Pray that it is a time of spiritual renewal. Pray that if there are those who don’t know the Lord that they will come to know Him. Pray for safety.

 How to pray for our Community

Who in your life – neighbor, family member, go-worker, needs to know the love of God the way Romans describes it. Not the “God loves me because I’m a good person,” love that they probably believe. But the “God really sees me and loves me,” love of Romans. Pray for opportunities to show them this kind of love.

 How to pray for our World

There are a lot of big stories in the world this week: children trapped in a cave in Thailand, reuniting immigrant families, a new Supreme Court nomination. All of these (and many others) deserve our prayers for those involved. I was struck by the stories of violent protests in Haiti over fuel prices. There have been at least three people killed. Most of the violence has been in the major cities, so FBC missionaries, the Josephs, should be far from it. However, this is a country in which we have invested a great deal of time. Many FBCer’s love many people there. Pray for safety for those tied to FBC, those caught up in the protests, and the many long and short term missionaries working there.