Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Mid-Week Musings from Lead Pastor Todd Malone


Todd Malone

Israel needed to overcome their fear of blessing. That sounds weird, but it is the truth. God led the people to the Promised Land, opened the door, and told them to go in. They refused because they feared the cost of blessing would be too high. They believed God was leading them to destruction, not blessing. I do the same thing. God’s call to pursue holiness is not for my destruction, but for my blessing. “Lord, help me trust you.”


First, congratulate yourself for getting through Leviticus. Most people don’t try, thinking it is irrelevant. Sadly, they miss rich pictures of how God invites us to relate to Him.

Deuteronomy has been called Moses’ “Upper Desert Discourse”. It is a series of three sermons given by Moses to the new generation preparing to enter the Promised Land. Deuteronomy has a lot of legal detail. In contrast to Leviticus, the legal issues in Deuteronomy tend to address the averge person, not the religious leaders. Moses reminds the new generation of the importance of obedience to avoid the fate of their parents. 


How to pray for FBC

We are closing in on VBS (June 24-28). We already have a whole herd of kids signed up. The details are coming together, but please pray for the Lord to provide more helpers, including Crew Leaders. The food sign-up is underway. Pray for all of these details to fall into place.

How to pray for our Community and World

I serve on the Advisory Board for Hope Road Counseling, a ministry that provides counseling services in Longview. It represents several local churches coming together to show Jesus’ love to the emotional hurting in our community. In addition, there are multiple Christians involved in similar work throughout our community. Many attend FBC. Let’s pray for the Christian counselors, doctors, and others involved in helping those struggling with mental and emotional needs. Pray that they can tangibly show the love and peace of Jesus.

How to pray for our World

June 6th is the 75th anniversary of D-Day. I am grateful for the generation that sacrificed so much for the world’s peace, safety, and freedom. I am grateful for those who continued their mission in the wars and conflicts that followed. Let’s pray that the peace, safety, and freedom that comes only from knowing the Lord will spread around the globe.