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Sermon Reflection

The glory of God fills the whole earth. Does God’s glory fill the places where Christianity is illegal and Christians are martyred? Yes. Does God’s glory fill the places where natural disaster devastates countless lives? Yes. Does God’s glory fill the times in my life when I am disappointed, hurting, and alone? Yes. It doesn’t feel that way, but God’s glory is there. God is at work. I am asking the Holy Spirit to make me more aware every day.

Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC

This is a hard season at FBC. Jim’s transition over the next few months will be hard for him, Sharie and, for the church. Please pray for God’s glory to be evident through this season.

How to pray for our Community

Steve Vance and I were talking last Thursday about the neighborhood around FBC. We have a burden to connect with our neighbors. There are some challenges. The neighborhood around FBC is spread out. The struggles of the neighborhood are better hidden. You can drive through South Longview and see needs everywhere. But it is a mistake to think that FBC’s neighbors are not just as needy – it’s just in a different way. It’s worldly thinking to drive through any neighborhood and think they have it “together” because of the size or conditions of their houses. Our job is to bring Christ to all of the needs, those that are obvious and those that are hidden behind nice lawns. I would like for us to start praying for FBC’s neighbors. Pray that the Lord gives us opportunities to boldly and clearly proclaim the gospel.

How to pray for our World

I can be cynical. I don’t necessarily want to be, but it’s part of my sinfulness. I am cynical about North Korea. It’s great that their leadership met with President Trump. It’s nice to hear talk about ending hostilities with South Korea. I just don’t trust North Korea for a moment. In addition, I worry about South Korea. The Lord has used South Korea powerfully to send to reach the world with the gospel. They send missionaries to places Westerners can’t go. They also send missionaries to the U.S.

God raised up South Korea in this time in history, and it’s exciting to watch. So I get nervous with the thought of South Korea adopting any of North Korea’s mindset or policies. I get cynical. But that’s really a lack of faith. Maybe God will use this to bring the gospel into North Korea. Maybe not, but God doesn’t depend on politicians. He uses them how He pleases. I am asking the Lord to help me trust Him more. I am praying that the Lord will move powerfully in North Korea through these changes. Please join me in praying for God’s work in the Koreas.


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