Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Mid-Week Musings from Lead Pastor Todd Malone

Re-opening Progress

Steps Toward Normal – Tentative

FBC continues to take steps toward a full reopen. The gym is already available to groups who want to meet at FBC during the week. Some small groups are choosing to get back together in homes or in the gym. Some Life Groups continue to meet online.

We will return to a single service at our usual time of 10:30am on July 5. We plan to start a program for first through sixth graders during that service. They will meet in the gym. Reopening the Nursery is a little more complicated due to the cleaning needs involved. The guidelines for daycares and nurseries are strict. They require workers to wear masks and restrict parents’ access to the children areas. We do not want to open under those conditions.

The Youth Ministry is already doing outside activities. They plan to resume their Wednesday night program on July 8.

August 2 will be a big day. We hope that the Sunday morning Kids’ Ministry will be almost fully back to normal. The Youth ministry plans to return to their normal Sunday morning meetings. As a rule of thumb, we will watch what area schools are doing for children and youth as a guide for what we can and cannot do.

We aim to reopen the buildings for outside groups starting August 3.

If possible, Life Groups will resume as normal on August 17. This will depend on social distancing guidelines at the time.

August 23 will be our Celebration Service. This will be a time to celebrate how God has taken us through this season as a church.

The farther out the dates on this schedule, the more tentative they are. But this gives us a starting point – dates to shoot for. Other challenges might present themselves that could affect even near dates, but we do not anticipate it.

Congregational Meeting

We will set all of this out in greater detail in the weeks ahead. The best place to hear the details will be at an upcoming Congregational Meeting. It will be on Sunday, June 28, at 4:00pm. Please join us.

Sermon Reflection

Slade summarized Romans 8:12-17: “The Spirit of God activates the reality of sonship [to God] in our lives.” I was reminded of that truth again during a discussion on Monday night. I am trying to pay attention this week to what the Holy Spirit is doing in each conversation, each “chance” meeting, and even the slow car that was annoying me on Tuesday. It is amazing to see Him at work as I pay closer attention. I encourage you to try it. Throughout your day ask, “What was the Holy Spirit showing me? How was He trying to get my attention? How was He convicting me?” The Holy Spirit is alive in us, activating the reality of our sonship all day long.