Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Mid-Week Musings from Lead Pastor Todd Malone


Todd Malone

Sermon Reflection

Slade made an amazing statement on Sunday: “In giving the people what they wanted, Aaron gave them what they did not need.” That is a huge temptation in the Christian life. What we want isn’t always what is best. We want the promotion, but maybe that’s not what is best. We want all the family together for Christmas, but maybe God wants to do something else.

What I need, what is best, is what will help me become more like Jesus. I do not always know that that is. God invites me to ask boldly for what I want, but I must be content when what I want and what I need do not match up. “Lord, help me be content.”


Leviticus teaches God’s people how to be distinctly His. What they eat, how they worship, whom they align with, are important themes in Leviticus because they help separate the Israelites from the other nations. God is doing something similar with us. It does not look exactly the same, but He wants believers to be identifiably different from the rest of the world.


How to pray for FBC

I have attended a number of graduations in the past 10 days (with more to come). Graduation represents a major transition point. Pray for our graduates to walk with the Lord in their next phase of life.

How to pray for our Community

Continue to pray for our community’s recovery from the storm damage. Pray for the businesses that have been affected. Pray for the families living in temporary housing. Pray for the families whose finances have been drained.

How to pray for our World

We were blessed to hear from Christopher and Darlene Clark last Sunday. Pray for the Clark family’s ministry in PNG. Pray that the Lord would bless their efforts with fruit beyond their imagination. Of course, pray for the Clarks themselves. Pray for their financial needs, their safety, and the care for their children.