Ministry updates from Pastor Todd Malone

Sermon Reflection

I prefer to hide the ugliness of my sin. I want to think (and somehow convince God and others) that I’m not that bad.

Psalm 51 gives us the freedom to be honest with God about the depth of our sin. My struggle with sin is more a part of me than I want to admit. But instead of hiding that fact, I am free to go to the Lord with the truth that I want to avoid. I can tell Him how much I struggle, how difficult it can be to obey, and how much I want to be the center of my life. Psalm 51 reminds me that the Lord delights in my honesty with Him.

Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC
Pastor Jim and Steve Vance are leading a group of almost 50 to Israel. Pray for their safety. Pray also that their time in Israel helps them draw closer to the Lord.

How to pray for our Community & our World
Psalm 51 is an individual’s prayer about David’s personal sins. But it still helps us pray for our community and the world. The non-Christians in your life need to know that God is merciful. His love is unfailing and unshakable. Pray that we will show God’s love and mercy in our community so people see a glimpse of God’s character. Pray that God’s love and mercy will be made evident through our missionaries that are ministering around the world.