Congregational Meeting

There will be a congregational meeting in the Worship Center Auditorium on Sunday, June 10 at 4:00pm. You are encouraged to attend to be kept up to date on church business and ministry matters.


Sermon Reflection

I don’t know where to start from last week’s sermon. Slade challenged and encouraged me in so many ways. Psalm 88 is a powerful lament, and laments are a real part of the Christian life. The thought of using my sorrows as an occasion for worship especially impacted me.  Do I truly believe that the Lord is my deliverer or do I believe it is all up to me? If I think it is up to me to get myself out of life’s troubles, I will fail and become discouraged. If I trust in the Lord as my deliverer, then even painful challenges become opportunities for God’s character to be evident.


 Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC

We have many people in the church who can relate to Psalm 88 right now. In the past two weeks we had a young couple who experienced miscarriage, someone’s family member was murdered, another family has a loved one who was unexpectedly delayed in coming home. Jobs have been lost, loved ones moved, illness and surgeries endured. Pray that the hurting people at FBC experience God’s deliverance.

How to pray for our Community

Longview is in the midst of graduation season – spanning kindergarten to college. Graduations are times to rejoice, not lament. But Psalm 88 is still relevant. Graduations celebrate achievement, competence, and hanging in there. We make a mistake, however, if we starting thinking we can achieve, endure, and be competent enough to make it on our own. We always depend on our Deliverer, the Lord. Let’s pray that those graduating will know their deliverer better.

How to pray for our World

Jerusalem is in an uproar. I wonder how many times that’s been said throughout history. Our prayers for the Lord to deliver Jerusalem will join countless prayers lifted up this week and throughout history. Pray that the world will see that the Lord is the God who delivers.