Fellowship Bible Church Logo Mid-Week Moment 5.30.2018

Weekly Ministry Updates from Lead Pastor Todd Malone


Todd Malone

God called Abram to give up what he knew so he could receive what God wanted to give him. The problem was that God didn’t give many details. He did not tell Abram where he was taking him or what the land would be like. But Abram still obeyed, and all families of the world have been blessed because of it. There are so many ways God calls us to let go of things so we can move forward. Sometimes we have to let go of dreams. Maybe that is the hardest thing to let go of. What pictures of how life is supposed to go do you need to release?


This week’s reading will take you through the first half of Genesis. Pay attention to how God begins to form a people He will use to reach the entire world. You will especially see this with the story of Abraham. What promises does God make to Abraham? How will the nation that comes from Abraham bless the world?


How to pray for FBC

The AWANA year is wrapping up. FBC has participated in AWANA for 30 years. Pray for the workers and children in this ministry. Pray that they will grow in the Lord during the summer. Pray for another 30 years of AWANA ministry at FBC.

How to pray for our Community and World

If Christianity is true, then how can God allow horrible things to happen to them? How can God allow three churches to get blown up by a terrorist on Easter Sunday? When a Christian asks the question, he or she is often confused, wondering if God abandoned them. When an atheist raises the issue, he or she might take it as evidence that the Christian God doesn’t exist.

The assumption behind the question is that God should protect Christians by uniquely guarding them from pain. The corruption of a fallen world, it is assumed, shouldn’t touch Christians in the same way. There is some truth to this assumption, but not in the way that rests underneath the question. God does not guard us against every pain in a fallen world. But he does guard us from the destruction of fallenness. A terrorist can destroy a body, but not a soul. Only God has power over souls. God unfailingly protects the souls of His children. He can even use the destructive power of a fallen world to shape that soul into something beautiful, something that looks like Jesus.

It is okay to pray for protection from the pain and evil of a fallen world. But let’s add to that a prayer that God will shape us to look like Jesus. And let’s give thanks that God will one day perfectly protect us from any more consequences of a broken, twisted world.