New Series

On April 15 we will launch a sermon series on the Psalms. You will be given a study guide as you leave the service this Sunday. The guide will take you through a reading plan for reading all of the Psalms in eight weeks. If you prefer to focus on a few Psalms, the guide also has a plan for reading one Psalm each week, but with a lot of depth. The Psalm you read that week will be the Psalm covered in the sermon the following week. The reading plans are designed to start on April 9.

Sermon Reflection

Easter is not relevant only once a year. It’s not even just an event in history. The Christian life has an ongoing Good Friday-Easter rhythm to it. We are called to die to self and to live the new life we have in Christ. That is why the application from Sunday’s message – Repent, Believe, Follow Jesus – is as relevant to us after we are saved as before. Growth in Christ involves our ongoing repenting of sin, trusting that Jesus’ death and resurrection were enough to pay for that sin and give new life, and then we commit to continue following Jesus.


Prayer Prompts

How to pray for FBC

We launch Faith at Home this Sunday. This will be a powerful resource for singles, parents, and grandparents to build into the lives of the next generation. Look for the display in the lobby. Pray for the children and teens at FBC to grow deep roots in their relationship with the Lord.


How to pray for our Community and our World

Today is the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination. It is appropriate to pray that God’s character is revealed in how Christians of different races and backgrounds love one another.